Connecting people to a sense of place through delight in growing plants.


Experienced growing vegetables in raised beds, high tunnels and field rows.

Growing with kids: manager of five elementary school gardens in High Point, NC totaling over 1,000 square feet (FoodCorps NC)

Growing with friends: work trade volunteer for Abundant Grace Farm in Damascus, MarylanD and Piedmont Biofarm (now Red Hawk Farm) in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Growing with cows: farm apprentice at Firefly Farm (Celo, North Carolina), with 2 acres of vegetables and 26 acres of rotational cattle grazing.

Meet Elizabeth Gibbs and Scott Paquin. They ran Firefly Farm in Burnsville, North Carolina where I was a farm apprentice from May to September of 2012. The farm is unfortunately no longer operating, but you can get a feel for the type of farming I'm familiar with.